Superintendent Lures Iowa Teachers With “Minnesota Paycheck” After Collective Bargaining Reform

Fairmont School District Superintendent Joseph Brown, who grew up in Iowa & even served as an Iowa state senator in the 1980s, says Minnesota is ready to welcome Iowa teachers who are afraid of losing income & even their jobs after Iowa Republicans gutted collective bargaining rights for public workers, noting that “as a born and raised Iowan, I gladly tell people that I have the best of both worlds: an Iowa education and a Minnesota paycheck.” Superintendent Brown spoke with Des Moines FM Podcast host Chance Dorland after expressing his regret for the change in law to Iowa politicians in a letter that was also published by The letter also notes how Iowa will now be the 2nd state to lose highly qualified teachers after Minnesota successfully poached educators from Wisconsin after “governor Scott Walker’s efforts to gut that state’s collective bargaining rights”, with Superintendent Brown anticipating the same would happen to Iowa.


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