Discussing Senator Joni Ernst’s Des Moines Forum with Indivisible Iowa

Last weekend US Senator Joni Ernst met confrontational crowds at public forums in Des Moines & Cedar Rapids where she was repeatedly shouted down & booed over the GOP health care reform plan & other issues. Indivisible Iowa Senate District 21 chapter leader Christen Bain is a Drake graduate & attended Friday’s forum at the university with nearly 800 other Iowans, some of whom had the chance to directly address Senator Ernst with a question. In this episode, Des Moines FM host Chance Dorland discusses the event with Christen, some of the questions that were asked of the senator, & how Bain works with others in her area to make sure Iowans’ voices are heard by elected officials.

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Interview answers, both in written & audio form, have been edited for length & clarity.

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