Keep Pat Rynard’s Gas Tank Full With A Donation To Iowa Starting Line, Iowa’s #1 progressive-leaning news site, has seen a lot of growth & exposure in the last 6 months, mostly due to the hard work & diligence of its creator, Pat Rynard, who gets up each & every day to cover political news & hold Iowa’s elected officials accountable to voters. As running the site is Rynard’s full-time job, fundraising is also a component of the position, & a rather large event was just held to keep the site running. Pat joins Des Moines FM host Chance Dorland to discuss the fundraiser, the great reporting he’s been doing for Iowa Starting Line, & how Iowans can continue enjoying his site for free, or if they feel so inclined, can also send a donation his way to make sure Iowa Starting Line will continue to report on topics important to Iowans. Find more info on the great work being done at Iowa Starting Line at

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